Replace XCMG Excavator Hydraulic Pump Assembly

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Replace XCMG Excavator Hydraulic Pump Assembly

To talk about my XCMG excavator, just 9 years, about 13,000 hours, used the import Toshiba 90 hydraulic pump, failure phenomenon slow speed, not strong, pressure can not be adjusted, judged that the hydraulic pump wear is serious, I generally take repair for living, really can not repair can only change, there was nothing yesterday to open the hydraulic pump.

The first step is to extract the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank.

Remove all hydraulic lines on the pump

Remove the exhaust pipe and hydraulic link plate

Separate the hydraulic link plate from the engine

The connector was found to be severely worn

The hydraulic pump is hoisted out by wheel digging.

The link tray is covered with rust

It was found that the problem was very serious. This is a cover of the oil outlet, not only the problem, but mainly the shell was worn and had no repair value, so the assembly could only be replaced.

This is the spring on the pump tank, which is mainly used to tighten the nine-hole plate. It is also badly worn. It can only be said that the unique design is too deep.

This is the oil outlet, which is heavily worn and leaking, so the pressure is low and the flow is not enough.

Disassemble all parts.

This is the new hydraulic pump I gave to your customer.

There is a little difference between the new pump and the original pump, mainly the problem of hydraulic pipe interface. In fact, every pipe function is the same.

This is the test port. To install the new pump, the pressure of the whole machine must be adjusted, so the old test joint must be removed.

The pilot tube of the original vehicle is a bit too long. Please confirm the size, model number and report to make a new one, 18*1.5 metric joint.

This is H type, homebred basically is this kind.

This is according to the link disk of a good hydraulic pump, the nearest distance from the hydraulic pump to the connector, and the new pump must have a good quantity.

This is the distance, the new pump should also adjust the installation distance.

Measure the length of the new pilot, customize, change, connect all the pipelines, add hydraulic oil.

This is the hydraulic pump compensation tubing, take it out, the hydraulic oil will flow through the hydraulic tank, fill the hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic pump.

Fill and install the compensating hydraulic tube.

Loosen the pilot pump into the tubing and let the air out.

Remove the hydraulic pump test connector.

In this way.

Remove the flameout line of the diesel pump of the engine and start the engine. The hydraulic oil will be ejected from the test interface to prove that the air inside the hydraulic pump is expelled.

The pilot filter heart should be replaced in advance.

Connect the hydraulic pump pressure gauge.

Connect the hydraulic pump pressure gauge and the pilot pressure gauge, repair the hydraulic system, necessary tools, do not adjust the hydraulic pressure without the meter, will cause accidents.

First, adjust the pressure of the main pump to 28 mpa. The pressure of each movement can be adjusted when performing dead actions. Generally, the pressure of each movement can be adjusted to 27Mpa.

Two rows of adjustment screw is the adjustment screw of each action, one action to adjust, can not exceed the main pressure.

The end.

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